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Hi, welcome to my profile page.
I'm Michael, your site administrator and creator of MoT gaming.
We welcome all members to our community as long as our rules are observed and respected.

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  • Hey, my brother did something wrong when I told him he could play on my account and I got an email saying my account was suspended. I am wondering when you will you will unsuspend me

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    Hump Day Game Play

    Streaming live this afternoon on our Facebook. Watch or Join in, Gaz O'Grafter is building/grafting already.

    We now have our own "Wiki" module that allows everyone to join in and edit what needs correction.

    Park Manager
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    A community-driven repository of plug-ins for OpenRCT2 

    Check out this site for all the new plug-ins available to use.

    Gaz O'Grafter have you read this article? There is some good information here.

    Hello and good Friday to everyone.

    I'd like to welcome our new members today.

    B0B and PeaceSoldier @GazGaz O'Grafter can help you later if I'm not online when you try to play today. 

    July 2020 Map Save

    Ever wonder if the MOT servers are online while you're having a problem connecting?

    You can always access this link to check game server status'.  

    Check out this WIP! Gaz O'Grafter this is some nice work!  

    Streaming servers today.


    Reposted Gaz O'Grafter's album.

    Way back when in early 2017, I built a small Ancient Rome themed area on one of MoT's servers. I decided to screenshot it due to the effort I put into my Circus Maximus-esque Go-Carts. 

    Since Server 0 reset to a grid format, I decided to bring this relic from the past back at build upon it. I started with the 'Circuit Maximus' (Clever pun name is clever!) and developed what I'm most proud of in this particular build, the Colosseum. This was the first time I extensively used the tile inspector after finally realising it's potential, so I'm very pleased with the result. After That I simply did what I do and grafted away at a Roman forum, and a Nile to separate the area before building a Great Pyramid and finishing off the remaining open areas in Egypt. 



    - Circuit Maximus (Go Carts)      - Gladiator Samnite (Red Track Twister Coaster)        - Gladiator Murmillo (Blue Track Twister Coaster)                    - Senate (Tilted Whirler)             - Trajan's Column (Drop Tower)                                    - Trireme (Swinging Ship)                                                - Shrine (Motion Simulator)        - The Fall of Rome (Mini Roller Coaster)                      - Caesar's Palace (Ghost Train)                                                - Roman Gardens (Maze)


    - MedjEYE (Ferris Wheel)                      - Sarcophagus Slammers (Dodgems)               - Alexandria Lighthouse (Spiral Slide)                                      - Cleopatra's Barge (Swinging Ship)      - Nile Navigators (Rowing Boats)                      - Dust Devils (Virginia Reel)                                                      - Obelisk (Launched Freefall)                 - Oasis (Junior Coaster)                                    - Eye of Horus (Super Looper)                                                  - Sandstorm (Giga Coaster)


    -Grafter Gaz

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