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Hi, welcome to my profile page.
I'm Michael, your site administrator and creator of MoT gaming.
We welcome all members to our community as long as our rules are observed and respected.

in all game servers.

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  • Hey, my brother did something wrong when I told him he could play on my account and I got an email saying my account was suspended. I am wondering when you will you will unsuspend me

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    We will never forget-
    Love. Hope. Resilience.
    #neverforget #september11

    Happy Labor Day Weekend to our USA members!

    today on Facebook.
    Sunday building with great builds by some of our best!
    #rct2 #openrct2 #rollercoastertycoon2 #manoftealgaming #manofteal

    to Facebook today. 

    Reposted Park Manager's post.

    I don't think I've seen a coaster like this before.

    Park Manager
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    Latest changelog 0.3.0 (2020-08-15) This is a major UPDATE

    0.3.0 (2020-08-15)

    • Feature: [#7648] "Enable all drawable track pieces" now enables more pieces for the Twister, Vertical and Air Powered Vertical coasters.
    • Feature: [#9029] Open doors with the tile inspector.
    • Feature: [#9614] Allow popping balloons and quacking ducks in the title screen.
    • Feature: [#10572] Cheat to allow building at invalid heights.
    • Feature: [#11155] Guest entry points can now be removed by clicking them again.
    • Feature: [#11231] Change shortcut window list order to be more intuitive, and split it into logical sections.
    • Feature: [#11298] Custom IP address can now be advertised to the master server to work around IPv6 issues.
    • Feature: [#11306] Path additions are now kept when replacing the path.
    • Feature: [#11320] Support for custom JavaScript plugins.
    • Feature: [#11422] Added a shortcut key for disabling/enabling clearance checks.
    • Feature: [#11788] Command to extract images from a .DAT file.
    • Feature: [#11959] Hacked go-kart tracks can now use 2x2 bends, 3x3 bends, and S-bends.
    • Feature: [#12090] Boosters for the Wooden Roller Coaster (if the "Show all track pieces" cheat is enabled).
    • Feature: [#12184] .sea (RCT Classic) scenario files can now be imported.
    • Feature: [#12347] Periodically check for new releases on GitHub, and show a notification on the title screen.
    • Feature: [#12347] The 'About OpenRCT2' window now has a link to the OpenRCT2 Discord Server.
    • Feature: [#12591] Show authors of an object on the object selection dialog.
    • Change: [#11209] Warn when the user is running OpenRCT2 through Wine.
    • Change: [#11358] Switch copy and paste button positions in tile inspector.
    • Change: [#11449] Remove complete circuit requirement from Air Powered Vertical Coaster (for RCT1 parity).
    • Change: [#11898] The `openrct-data-path` command-line argument has been renamed to `openrct2-data-path`.
    • Change: [#11944] The ride list sort mode is now remembered for the duration of the game.
    • Fix: [#1013] Negative length displayed in the Ride window.
    • Fix: [#1148] Research funding dropdown not shown in the finance window.
    • Fix: [#5451] Guests scream on every descent, no matter how small.
    • Fix: [#6119] Advertising campaign for ride window not updated properly (original bug).
    • Fix: [#7006] Submarine Ride is in the wrong research group.
    • Fix: [#7324] Research window shows vehicle name instead of ride name.
    • Fix: [#7969, #8175, #12501] When loading a landscape in the Scenario Editor, the inventions list, financial settings, and objective settings are reset.
    • Fix: [#10549] 'Build the best ride you can' objective missing ride name.
    • Fix: [#10634] Guests are unable to use uphill paths out of toilets.
    • Fix: [#10751] Saved mazes are incomplete.
    • Fix: [#10876] When removing a path, its guest entry point is not removed.
    • Fix: [#10876] There can be multiple peeps spawns on the same location.
    • Fix: [#11002] Rides list shows both red and green light activated.
    • Fix: [#11072] Land and water tools working out of bounds (original bug).
    • Fix: [#11085] Handle player list before game actions during map load.
    • Fix: [#11259] Custom JSON object breaks save.
    • Fix: [#11290] Perform funds checking for all peeps entering a ride.
    • Fix: [#11315] Ride that has never opened is shown as a favorite ride of many guests.
    • Fix: [#11386] Alphabetical sorting is broken.
    • Fix: [#11405] Building a path through walls does not always remove the walls.
    • Fix: [#11450] Rides with unsuitable track can't be opened even with "Enable all drawable track pieces" cheat.
    • Fix: [#11455] Object Selection window cuts off scenery names.
    • Fix: [#11623] Erratic zoom behavior when pointing outside of the map.
    • Fix: [#11640] Objects with a blank description in one language do not fall back to other languages anymore.
    • Fix: [#11676] Spiral Roller Coaster has regular lift hill available.
    • Fix: [#11695] Mechanics walk to tile 0, 0 at the entrance only stations when trying to fix them.
    • Fix: [#11804] Some RCT1 fences are imported at the wrong height.
    • Fix: [#11953] Incorrect banner text shade colour on wall text.
    • Fix: [#11968] Maze height is higher than it should be.
    • Fix: [#12062] Inconsistent lift hill sprites on Flying Coaster while inverted (original bug).
    • Fix: [#12068] Incorrect Entrance/Exit location on track design preview. Incorrect track design previews with track that contain diagonal track elements.
    • Fix: [#12071] Crash in Guest List when a guest dies.
    • Fix: [#12093] Staff window tab animation was no longer updating.
    • Fix: [#12123] Long server descriptions are not cut off properly.
    • Fix: [#12211] Map Generator shows incorrect map sizes (e.g. "150 x 0").
    • Fix: [#12221] Map Generation tool doesn't place any trees.
    • Fix: [#12285] On-ride photo profit assumes every guest buys one.
    • Fix: [#12297] OpenGL renderer causing artifacts.
    • Fix: [#12308] Cannot use cheats in editor modes.
    • Fix: [#12312] Softlock when loading save file via command line fails.
    • Fix: [#12486] `set-rct2` has a broken g1.dat check.
    • Fix: [#12498] Circus construction ghost does not rotate (original bug).
    • Fix: [#12505] Stores selling multiple items can only have the first product advertised.
    • Fix: [#12506] Cannot advertise food if there are no rides in the park.
    • Fix: [#12533] Track designs list does not use natural sorting.
    • Fix: [#12611] 'Monthly Income from ride tickets' in Scenario Editor is removed when the park is not free entry.
    • Fix: 'j' character has broken kerning (original bug).
    • Fix: RCT1 scenarios have more items in the object list than are present in the park or the research list.
    • Fix: Brakes keep working during "Brakes failure".
    • Fix: Guests maze pathfinding prefers a specific direction (original bug).
    • Improved: [#6530] Allow the water and land height changes on park borders.
    • Improved: [#11390] Build hash is written to screenshot metadata.
    • Improved: [#3205] Make handymen less likely to get stuck in ride queues.
    • Technical: [#8110] OpenRCT2 now uses a single directory name for title sequences instead of three.
    • Technical: [#11517] Windows Vista has supported again (libzip regression in the previous release).
    • Technical: The required version of macOS has been increased to 10.14 (Mojave) for plugin support.
    • Removed: [#11820] Twitch support (relied on a server that has been down for a few years).

    August Map 8-14-2020

    Since the you all were so busy building this month I posting this "part 1" of this months saves.

    Hump Day Game Play

    Streaming live this afternoon on our Facebook. Watch or Join in, Gaz O'Grafter is building/grafting already.

    We now have our own "Wiki" module that allows everyone to join in and edit what needs correction.

    Park Manager
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    A community-driven repository of plug-ins for OpenRCT2 

    Check out this site for all the new plug-ins available to use.

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