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Hi, welcome to my profile page.
I'm Michael, your site administrator and creator of MoT gaming.
We welcome all members to our community as long as our rules are observed and respected.

in all game servers.

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  • Hey, my brother did something wrong when I told him he could play on my account and I got an email saying my account was suspended. I am wondering when you will you will unsuspend me

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    Mitigating website server to a new server, expect outages today.

    I hope to have the site stable ASAP.

    Also, expect the game server to go out soon for it too is being moved to new hardware.

    As you can tell we are having some server issues. Sorry!

    That's a beautiful ride Roby also to everyone else who has built something on this map! RoyTheDragon , Dracheron , NUBsupreme , bootymix96 , andy55699 great job! I will be changing that map soon.


    Can you believe it! is now four years old! 

    A lot has changed, builders have come and gone. Most started here young and now are old enough to have jobs. I suspect that is where most older members went. We still have some favorites around. These members can also help you if needed. Thanks RoyTheDragonRobyhjhjbootymix96  and many more!

    We also have a messenger section to allow for immediate responses. Check it out, works kinda like Facebook messenger. 


    Planet Coaster Space on Man of Teal 


    The job would involve checking the main website to approve members after they create a profile with a valid email address.

    Check out all the stuff this site has to offer!

    About them,

    NeDesigns is a fan community dedicated to RollerCoaster Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. People from all over the world upload their parks here and we select the best of the best and award them with different accolades. Apart from the accolades, we also organize special contests every now and then. People have been using various types of utilities such as trainers to manipulate the games and push them further. Many people use custom user-made scenery for RCT2. We have an extensive collection of what we call objects, so feel free to check these out. If you are a fan of either of these games, this website is your ultimate haven. To get started, sign up for an account so you can add your screenshots, projects, and parks for the world to see.nedesigns

    A video example of login in for members to our chat system.

    If you're playing on Server 0 also called our Induction server where all new members begin.

    Please join this group if your into discussions about issues or general talk.

    Cake did you get a new PC? If so I need to meet you on S0 to set your perms again. Let me know a good time for you.


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    Annual Man Of Teal Holiday Themed Contest

    Please review each contestants park screenshot. If you'd like, the server will be up but paused for a more detail look. Once you have made your decision please head to this page, Annual Man Of Teal Christmas Contest and cast your "star" for the best one and so on. Once the voting has been going a few days I will post the results with the winners.    

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