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Hi, welcome to my profile page.
I'm Michael, your site administrator and creator of MoT gaming.
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Park Manager in all game servers.
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  • Hey, my brother did something wrong when I told him he could play on my account and I got an email saying my account was suspended. I am wondering when you will you will unsuspend me

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    I'm testing the point system.

    I'll be testing a new point system to start rewarding site activity.

    FloridaGuy see now


    Hey PM, the server is down and no can log into it, it appears the machine is offline. Not sure if your doing some updating or not.

    • Hey, I think I may have set the options incorrectly for the server0 as may be on the VM servers.

      In options, the servers should all have the "cap FPS" turn on. No multithreading, and leave the view of the server in an area that has no activity, a corner zoomed in. Leave the servers in that view. This should also help with desync.

      Reposted Ryder's album.

      I tried to upload a bunch of builds but I got lazy and didnt want to have to retake screenshots of other parks so I just uploaded what I had ready from a while ago.

      "the only way to have a friend is to be one."

      Reposted outoforder's album.

      stuff i made.

      Dracheron Dsheriff15 you can try to visit the S1 server for testing. It is a blank map and running in a virtual environment. We may convert all game servers to a virtual server for speed.

      Hey PM, on our latest map in server 0, somehow the quest spawn point got deleted, me and o both tried fixing it and we couldn't fiqure it out. If you have some spare time could you please help us out, Thanks very much

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      Annual Man Of Teal Holiday Themed Contest

      Please review each contestants park screenshot. If you'd like, the server will be up but paused for a more detail look. Once you have made your decision please head to this page, Annual Man Of Teal Christmas Contest and cast your "star" for the best one and so on. Once the voting has been going a few days I will post the results with the winners.    

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