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Hi, welcome to my profile page.
I'm Michael, your site administrator, and creator of MoT gaming.
We welcome all members to our community as long as our rules are observed and respected.

in all game servers.


1 Independent Drive, Jacksonville, FL, United States
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    This is a spot that I attach the  #lastplayedmap saved when changing to a new map. Great #builds on…
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    •  ·  06012021 server0 saved game. #gamesaves #lastsavedgame
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    Man Of Teal uses the latest auto launcher for starting OpenRCT2. Please download your flavor too; m…
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    Some General Guidelines for Servers 0, 1, and 2. Rule 1: NO RED "death" ride rule in effect. If t…
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      • Thank you, when can I get my rights in-game?

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        • I can do it now.

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        #Serverstatus s0 Back online
        Happy Memorial Day to all in the USA! Also, glad to announce MoT realism server is online again! Summer Beaches for realism members. Gaz O'Grafter  PM ManOfTeal.Bot   
        Gaz O'Grafter RoyTheDragon, other members, admins, moderators #mapchange ?    
          • Some new maps with beaches would be cool for the summer theme

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            • I will find something, or u guys can attach them here!

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              • Actually, if luck might have it, I made a scenario that's in my scenario pack that might be a suitable pick. Lemme DM it to you.

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              Nice rides on #server0 
              Since no one is apparently playing on the server  with squares; I'm asking for . RoyTheDragon  Gaz O'Grafter  60trainhunter 60trainhunter_Alt  I miss seeing activity on the server. Is anyone having  Thanks, Park Manager
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              My Albums

              Some builder areas mid July 2020

              These are some rides I like personally so I decided to create my own album of rides. Everyone enjoy. #rct2 #openrct2 #rollercoastertycoon2 #manoftealgaming #manofteal

              Annual Man Of Teal Holiday Themed Contest

              Please review each contestants park screenshot. If you'd like, the server will be up but paused for a more detail look. Once you have made your decision please head to this page, Annual Man Of Teal Christmas Contest and cast your "star" for the best one and so on. Once the voting has been going a few days I will post the results with the winners.    

              Japanese Contest Shningka Plot Views

              Japanese Contest Shningka Plot Views #JapaneseContest

              Japanese Contest RVNX Plot Views

              Japanese Contest RVNX Plot Views #JapaneseContest
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