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Im not dead anymore! Fursona change!! Please let me back in

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Heyo Im back from the dead! IF you see Squiddo , that's me. Please do keep that in mind for next time I join please
Most of SVR servers are down. All except SVR_1 rip
Who likes my current radio tower progress? I couldnt find the right item for the red-light thing :/
Its sorta down rn rip
Seems safe
For some reason my friend, Kek, can't access the MoT servers. He says that "only whitelisted is allowed". :/
  • All taken care of :) and don't forget if you ever need anything and there's no admins on you can always stop by the websites chat for a quick response.
    Hey I have a question: How does the ranking system works in the MoT servers?
    • What exactly do you mean? At first you have basic building skills. Once your proven you want to build and not cause problems you get advanced to terraforming permissions. Long term "trusted" members get the status of "MoT Trusted" allowing full control of cheats. If you have more questions you can also catch me on the chat system or another admin. Welcome to Man Of Teal!
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