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How to Install the Man Of Teal Link on your mobile phone

How to Install the Man Of Teal Site link

How to get a "1 Click" solution to access the  Man Of Teal Website on your phone.


Step 1:

Install and Open Chrome Browser

Step 2:

Type ManOfTeal.COM into the browser and go to the site.

Step 3: 

Click on the 3 dots in the right-hand corner of the screen for the options drop down menu.

Then choose the Option: "Add to Home Screen"

 Add to Home Screen

Step 4:

Go to your home screen on your phone and click on the Man Of Teal Icon.

Click on Man Of Teal Icon



You now have a one click solution to going directly to the Man Of Teal site on your Phone with just 1 click!

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    • Questions?

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      • When I first saw this, I thought I'd never see the day. Now I'm slightly dissapointed about it just being a chrome shortcut. Rip my dreams

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        • Yes, there is no need for an "app" when the site functions across all devices. This is just a one click process.

          Can you tell me what you might get from an "app?"

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          • Well, good point. But I was sort of expexting the same thing, but with at least some other layout.

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