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Basic Server Rules

Some General Guidelines for Servers 0, 1, and 2.

  • Rule 1: NO RED "death" ride rule in effect. If the ratings are in RED such as very extreme intensity ratings and very bad Positive, Negative and Lateral G's your ride will be deleted if your not around. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  • Rule 2: Absolutely no griefing in any shape or form. (This includes spamming Mr.Bones on the map.)

  • Rule 3: All rides need to be built with the thought to allow more players to further build after you. As such, do not 'dead-end' any path; always allow possibilities to extend paths ahead.

  • Rule 4: Respect other users property and personal space. Always ask for permission before crossing over or coming close to the works of other users.

  • Rule 5: Landscaping permissions are enabled for "Verified +" users. Must build on "our servers" for 5 DAYS! please use this tool responsibly or it will be taken away, if abused.

  • Rule 6: Please keep any bad attitudes off our servers. Offensive behavior towards other users or within rides/builds and any form of hate speech will not be tolerated. Please no political fights at all!
  • Rule 7: Please don't build inappropriate stuff or use inappropriate names for rides/stalls or use inappropriate author names.


  • Rule 9: Under any circumstances, DO NOT modify other people's area, regardless if it's blocked off or an opened Work in Progress(WIP)! Reasons being you don't know what the intentions are by the creator. They may have something creative going on in that area.


  • Rule 10: All users are required to put your name on your rides and coasters. NOW includes flat rides such as thrill and gentle rides! Includes name tagging your track merges and rides used as scenery! Example: "Haunted Manor (disembodiedsoul)".  Rides NOT tagged will get deleted within 2 to 4 days!


  • Rule 11: All users are limited to 5 Roller Coasters per map/server, and 10 total attractions (Does not count food/drink stalls.)


  • Rule 12: No unnecessary long queue paths, each style of ride will have a set queue length limit:

Transport: 10 (per station)

Gentle: 10(flat), 16(tracked),7 (with rides that have operation modes that allow a number of guests at a time.)

Roller coasters: 20 (Each additional train is worth 2+ on the limit, a max of 62 for 31 trains)

Thrill Rides: 10 (flat), 14 (tracked)

Water Rides: 14 (Except for Dinghy Slide, which will have 12)

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