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Hello all, i am BasslandCEO or as in game now (due to ip issues) BasslandCEO_ALT. im mainly known in the community (before now) for building realism and colaberating with other players. As of my return in Decemeber 2019 i have seen some changes. I am glad to say i am willing to help with any issues you may have within the community. What do i do? im usually in the background moderating over everything making sure its all working as it should be (hense why youll find me on here more than the RCT server sometimes). I hope we can work together some time. I also do a few things on the administrative side, im mainly here as an overall backup and helper of the community here, as i am in EU i uslually end up dealing with people from Europe thats where most of my work is based, even though i do work on universally everything. Anyway thank you for reading my ramble like description, it just gives you a little insight in what i do as one of your server administrators here on Man Of Teal. Feel free to ask me any questions i log in at least 3 times a week (mostly online daily). and dont forget to read and follow our rules here and have fun on Man Of Teal!



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    Hello all, Im going to be figuring out a way to get myself back onto RCT2 soon ish, now all this COVID-19 stuff has calmed down in my country i can start focusing on the things that I enjoy doing, you may start to see me a little more often. Sorry for the lack of presence on RCT2 itself. But that  will be due to change. Cheers.
      • We all have to do what we can, especially for the family; that may keep you very busy.

        Man of Teal has been here going on 5 years, it will be here when we all get time again.

        Of course, I've got all the time to work on the site so I've been productive. We also are gaining new builders, I've been running Facebook Ads now.
        Take care BasslandCEO 

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        Hello all! i would just like to say im sorry for the inactivity period, with all the stuff thats happening in the world right now i have been trying my hardest to keep everything running smoothly, i may not be on as much as i origanally planned, but i hope things all get sorted out shortly. Down to business: For some reason on Firefox browser the messenger hasnt been workingas intended, it says something about Defining JOT server. If we could get this fixed asap I would be able to use DM's. otherwise for now i will be directing messages on this feed.   thanks all for reading, dont hesitate to ask questions.
          • For some reason on the Firefox browser, the messenger hasn't been working as intended, it says something about Defining JOT server.

            This issue has been addressed. 

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            Updated my profile fully as it was outdated and didnt really explain anything.
            Hello all, i am back offically and more acive and around now. if you need anything just ask me!
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