Furries of RCT

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Furries of RCT

This is mainly for furries that play RollerCoaster Tycoon. 


- Don't be creepy

- be respectful and use common sense.

General explanation of what furries are:

A furry is someone who has a fictional character that resembles and has animal like features for them but act like a normal human being, (Anthropomorphism) that come in many different sizes, species and colours. Furries as a whole share similar and or mutual interests of things like nerd culture (gaming, history and that of the likes.) and some furries are artists, some are musicians, some are writers. You even get those who buy commissions.

There are a lot of common misconceptions about what furries do as a whole (mostly stereotypes.)

A lot of us don't like the kind of sick people who do illegal stuff. (Zoophilia, Pedophilia, that kind of stuff.)

a small portion of furries are Asexual and like to keep clean from NSFW content.

There are more than just foxes and wolves in the fandom, We have many kinds of furries, however anything reptilian is mainly called a scaly (Plural - Scalies.):

Dragons, Gators, Weasels, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and many more.