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OpenRCT2 Auto launcher

Man Of Teal uses the latest auto launcher for starting OpenRCT2.

Please download your flavor too; make sure to grab the 64 bit version if your PC/Laptop OS is 64 bit.

Taken directly from the GitHub page...


  • wtf i dont know where to find it on the site there is nothing new to donwload :( on launcher options

     i donwload from the side  a new launcher file but it didnt work :(


    Win 64 bit system pls send me the direct ldownload link from the new launcher



    • Look at the first post, I added the additional links.

      • still dont work every server is red marked and they say im on a wrong patch.


        The mot server´s are on  0,0,6,27 im on

        0.0.6-dev blabla-b8bb..329


        maybe  my patch is wrong or the server hasnt been updatet latley


        Server 1 is join abel now

        • Yes, I think there were two releases just hours apart.

          At least I hope so.

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