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I am a bloke from the Northwest region of England, so be aware I tend to say "aye" much akin to a Scotsman a lot.

Rather peculiarly having played this game since I was young, I'm actually not that brilliant at making intricate coasters as many others are and find I prefer building and heavily emphasising the use of scenery around slow track rides i.e log flumes, go carts, car rides etc.

I'm slowly but surely becoming a much better scenic designer as a result :)

I'm a very laid back chap so don't be afraid to have a chat in game if you see me there.

Hope to you all in servers soon. Happy grafting!

(Previous alias "Grafter Gaz")

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Just a little something to finish of this map's final days on the server. Thought I'd dabble in experimenting with larger structures and buildings around a set of duelling coasters. And I suppose it tied in with the American theme of the server's entrance area.

Happier with some designs than others but that's the whole point of experimenting right?

(Yes, it's named after the Sonic Adventure 2 stage and song of the same name :P, I was listening to the song whilst building it.)

p.s. There's also a sneaky reference to my hometown's football team at the park stadium too... and someone's lost their ball in the thickets!)

- Gaz O'Grafter

Reposted Gaz O'Grafter's album.

Welcome all to my little space on the big wide world of the server once again!
Here's the latest batch of my attractions. 10 in total, names and placements are as follows:


  • Ballroom Waltz, a 'Merry-go-Round' located in the small building beside the skyscraper
  • Ballroom Twist, a 'Twist' also located in the same building beside the skyscraper
  • Going Up!, a 'Launced Freefall' sending guests shooting up the interior of the skyscraper.
  • Lighthouse, a 'Spiral Slide' found cleverly disguised as... you guessed it, a Lighthouse!
  • AntiquiTaken for a Ride, a 'Vintage Car Ride' sending guests on a gentle, scenic route through the olden days.
  • Golfing Trip, a US themed 'Golf Course' complete with Western vistas, a hilltop observatory and even a hole in the Oval Office itself! (political satire is completely unintentional I swear!)
  • Sea Debris, a 'Log Flume' constructed entirely over the sea!
  • Rat Run, a 'Wooden Mine Coaster' with mouse themed cars, whipping through cliff side warrens and jungle foliage.
  • Crackstone Creek, the 'River Rapids' ride, with the heavy use of the tile inspector and a few cheats to utilise coaster pieces unavailable to a standard River Rapids I created the illusion of a track free segments. Crackstone Creek is a thrilling water soaked adventure featuring two large waterfall drops and a lazy river beneath Gilded Cobra.  
  • Gilded Cobra, the finest Rollercoaster I've ever built no doubt about it!  The only modification needed for this beauty was swapping trains to RMC Hybrid Cars. I managed to get this coaster to have the highest excitement rating, both in the park and what I've ever managed, of 10.67 (Extreme). Those who know me well understand just how massive this is as I rarely build large coasters and pulled out all the stops to bump that rating up as far as I could using water, scenery, underground segments, close calls and multiple interactions with other rides! (All information was correct at the time of typing) 

Also as a little bonus bit of information, If you look closely over the station for Gilded Cobra, you can see I actually managed to fashion a decorative sculpture of the eponymous cobra from various bits of scenery. Including, but not limited to, badminton shuttlecocks for teeth and tennis balls for eyes! Pure genius if I do say so myself!

p.s. I did have a small Go Karts in another area of the park with light urban building decorations. Technically it's my 11th attraction, so it's just a shame it wasn't near this section or I'd have included it here too.

It's been an absolute blast coming back after a long time out of the game and seeing I can still make these wonderful areas. The only way is up from here!


Till I graft again,

-Gaz O'Grafter

  • Incredible as usual!!

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    Reposted Gaz O'Grafter's album.

    Welcome all to Red Rock Canyon!
    Been a weeklong graft but it's finally open and ready to explored.
    9 attractions, names and placements are as follows:

    •  Sidewinder, a 'Mine Train Coaster' that meanders back and forth between red mesa rock formations.
    •  Old Coot's Cabin, a 'Crooked House' isolated away in one corner, just as he'd prefer to be.
    •  Rodeo Roundup, a 'Rounded Up' situated in the middle of the Corral.
    •  Bumper Car Barn, a 'Dodgems' hidden within the confines of the barn.
    •  Wagon Wheel, a 'Ferris Wheel' just behind the town.
    •  Totem, a 'Drop Tower' found deep in the Indian reserve.
    •  Shootout Saloon, a 'Laser Tag' hidden withing the Saloon itself.
    •  The Manor, a spooky old 'Haunted House' sat atop a dilapidated hilltop town.
    •  Black Gold Baron, a thrilling 'Wooden Wild Mouse' with mine carts found at the mine. Originally meant as a gold mine used by the town's early prospectors, it had been left abandoned and decrepit until word got out that oil had been struck!

    I hope you all enjoy exploring this build as much as I had making it!


    Till I graft again,

    -Grafter Gaz 

    Grafter Gaz I see you come on every now and then here on the site. Do you still play on the server?

    I'm not sure what to do with MoT since no one plays or at least when I check in sometimes..

    Gaz O'Grafter
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    Way back when in early 2017, I built a small Ancient Rome themed area on one of MoT's servers. I decided to screenshot it due to the effort I put into my Circus Maximus-esque Go-Carts. 

    Since Server 0 reset to a grid format, I decided to bring this relic from the past back at build upon it. I started with the 'Circuit Maximus' (Clever pun name is clever!) and developed what I'm most proud of in this particular build, the Colosseum. This was the first time I extensively used the tile inspector after finally realising it's potential, so I'm very pleased with the result. After That I simply did what I do and grafted away at a Roman forum, and a Nile to separate the area before building a Great Pyramid and finishing off the remaining open areas in Egypt. 



    - Circuit Maximus (Go Carts)      - Gladiator Samnite (Red Track Twister Coaster)        - Gladiator Murmillo (Blue Track Twister Coaster)                    - Senate (Tilted Whirler)             - Trajan's Column (Drop Tower)                                    - Trireme (Swinging Ship)                                                - Shrine (Motion Simulator)        - The Fall of Rome (Mini Roller Coaster)                      - Caesar's Palace (Ghost Train)                                                - Roman Gardens (Maze)


    - MedjEYE (Ferris Wheel)                      - Sarcophagus Slammers (Dodgems)               - Alexandria Lighthouse (Spiral Slide)                                      - Cleopatra's Barge (Swinging Ship)      - Nile Navigators (Rowing Boats)                      - Dust Devils (Virginia Reel)                                                      - Obelisk (Launched Freefall)                 - Oasis (Junior Coaster)                                    - Eye of Horus (Super Looper)                                                  - Sandstorm (Giga Coaster)


    -Grafter Gaz

    I really like your current area on server 2!
    • Great details :) Grafter Gaz 

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      Gaz O'Grafter
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      I decided to experiment with the more wood based scenery items and see what I could muster up. I built the go carts "Carpentry Carts" track with scenery placement in mind and continued with the lumber theme throughout the rest of the rides I built after. Enclosing the Enterprise "Saw Mill"  to make it feel cozy, constructing a more mechanical drop down tower "Cogspyre" and carving out the side of the hill to place a staple of the majority of my parks, the Virginia Reel "Whirling Whittlers" loosly based on the one that operated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

      Before, of course, finally wrapping up (quite literally in this case) the area with my wooden coaster "The Great Forest. I'm most proud of how I squeezed it through the gap between the "Saw Mill" and "Cogspyre".

      Welcome aboard then! Glad to have you. Come on over to server 1 now if you can..
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