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I decided to experiment with the more wood based scenery items and see what I could muster up. I built the go carts "Carpentry Carts" track with scenery placement in mind and continued with the lumber theme throughout the rest of the rides I built after. Enclosing the Enterprise "Saw Mill"  to make it feel cozy, constructing a more mechanical drop down tower "Cogspyre" and carving out the side of the hill to place a staple of the majority of my parks, the Virginia Reel "Whirling Whittlers" loosly based on the one that operated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Before, of course, finally wrapping up (quite literally in this case) the area with my wooden coaster "The Great Forest. I'm most proud of how I squeezed it through the gap between the "Saw Mill" and "Cogspyre".