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Joining servers sends me back to the main start screen

When i click join the ManOfTeal server it sends me back to the main start screen when the loading of the sever is finished i don't know if thats a OpenRCT2 problem.

Graft Factory Interior & Exterior (Server 0 - 05/03/2018, Fifth of March)

I'm pretty happy with how this area ended up. I've had a few compliments on the design and thought I'd toot my own trumpet by posting it here too. My process of 'construction' is that I start with an

The 3rd Hiatus is over

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  • · Ktoby
Yes, I have finally risen from the ashes for real. People like RoyTheDragon and more may have missed me a bit, but no panic is needed as I am now back for reals! 


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  • · Squishy
Need build rights for contest please

Naming rides

Please when naming your rides, do NOT use signs as a means of naming your coaster, it might get confusing. and the original ride sign i believe hides the sign you used to name the coaster. If you're n

this is for 60TH

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for 60TH
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