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Completed my first Induction Plot

So I only joined MOT yesterday and I've smashed through my first plot already! I used all vanilla tools, no ZC or cheats/trainers...only the custom scenery included on the server! I'm currently unable
When member/admins want to video and or voice chat...

When member/admins want to video and or voice chat...

Via the new chat system that has been added to Man Of Teal all members and admins outoforder , Dsheriff15  have access to our video and or voice chat system. If members are not able to attend the vide

New experimental points system

I'll be testing a new point system to start rewarding site activity.

Inhouse or On-site Chat Server Options

Welcome to Man Of Teal Gaming Chat! The Man Of Teal Gaming Chat desktops apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux are available to download here. The native mobile app, Rocket.Chat+, for Android and iOS,

First Post and "REAL" Attempt to Create Something

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  •  · ninja1470
"Skull & Bones' Terrifying Ride" is my first "REAL" attempt for creating something in this community, as well as the first thing I've posted on here! It's *most likely* not the most fantastic thin

First coaster upload

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  •  · Shrimp
Hedgeclipper in the Induction server. Quite happy the way it turned out
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