Japanese Themed Contest

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Japanese Themed Contest
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This is a singles contest, 12 members, 1 plot each.

We're going to have three prizes.

1st Place winner - 1 $20 Steam or Google Play prize.

2nd Place winner - 1 $15 Steam or Google Play prize.

3rd Place winner - 1 $10 Steam or Google Play prize.

 Gold Medal

 Silver Medal

 Bronze Medal



- No more than 10 rides/attractions per plot. Please do not overuse stalls, plan carefully!

- Do not modify other people's entries or plots.

- If you're looking for inspiration, look around you.

- Realism doesn't matter, as long as the plot has something that makes sense!

- Please ask for terrain modification as it may be needed if you only have "Verified" building perms.


Judgement of the plot and rating will be determined from a range of different things:

-Facility Placement

-Scenery Usage

-Colors (General)

-Ride Statistics (Coasters Only)

-Path Layout

Winner picking:

The winners will be picked under circumstances of whom has the most votes by the end of the voting time period.

Voting results will be the first week of August.

If you have any questions, leave them Event Timeline.

This contest is a first come first plot basis.

Joining the event here will get your spot.