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Reposted Grafter Gaz's album.

Welcome all to Red Rock Canyon!
Been a weeklong graft but it's finally open and ready to explored.
9 attractions, names and placements are as follows:

  •  Sidewinder, a 'Mine Train Coaster' that meanders back and forth between red mesa rock formations.
  •  Old Coot's Cabin, a 'Crooked House' isolated away in one corner, just as he'd prefer to be.
  •  Rodeo Roundup, a 'Rounded Up' situated in the middle of the Corral.
  •  Bumper Car Barn, a 'Dodgems' hidden within the confines of the barn.
  •  Wagon Wheel, a 'Ferris Wheel' just behind the town.
  •  Totem, a 'Drop Tower' found deep in the Indian reserve.
  •  Shootout Saloon, a 'Laser Tag' hidden withing the Saloon itself.
  •  The Manor, a spooky old 'Haunted House' sat atop a dilapidated hilltop town.
  •  Black Gold Baron, a thrilling 'Wooden Wild Mouse' with mine carts found at the mine. Originally meant as a gold mine used by the town's early prospectors, it had been left abandoned and decrepit until word got out that oil had been struck!

I hope you all enjoy exploring this build as much as I had making it!


Till I graft again,

-Grafter Gaz