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    My permissions still need to be changed to Verified Builder+, can an admin or moderator meet me on I…
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    •  · What time do you play? I've made changes/updated your permissions. Let me know if you can log on co…
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    When I clicked the ManOfTeal servers and when it loaded all it did was send me back to the main star…
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    •  · Wait there’s expansion packs?
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    i cant get into any of the servers because when it say its completely loaded it disconnects me from …
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    •  · You may need the expansion packs to play.
    I have changed my name from Breezeway101 to Sonicfan2003 and i need someone to change my group to Verified + in game
      • It should be done. Let me know if not.

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        the servers work now yay!  
        I would destroy a ride when the intense level is extreme or ultra-extreme
        Here are two recreations from my home Cedar Fair park Dorney Park they are the Little Laser and the Laser i have rode the Little Laser when I was like 4 or 5 Years old but now i'm 13 years old and it has been ever since when both of these rides closed in 2008 but i haven't got to ride the Laser because i was not at the height requirements but i wish they kept them there.
        Nice albums SimFox and RVNX
        Here is some screenshots of my Switchback that i made in my test park
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