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What time do you play? I've made changes/updated your permissions. Let me know if you can log on co…
by Park Manager
Wait there’s expansion packs?
by BrotherShadow
You may need the expansion packs to play.
by Park Manager
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Sonicfan2003 added a discussion

My permissions still need to be changed to Verified Builder+, can an admin or moderator meet me on Induction Server 0.

I have changed my name from Breezeway101 to Sonicfan2003 and i need someone to change my group to Verified + in game

the servers work now yay!


Sonicfan2003 added a discussion

When I clicked the ManOfTeal servers and when it loaded all it did was send me back to the main start screen, I don't know if its a server problem or a OpenRCT2 proble

When i click join the ManOfTeal server it sends me back to the main start screen when the loading of the sever is finished i don't know if thats a OpenRCT2 problem.

I would destroy a ride when the intense level is extreme or ultra-extreme
Here are two recreations from my home Cedar Fair park Dorney Park they are the Little Laser and the Laser i have rode the Little Laser when I was like 4 or 5 Years old but now i'm 13 years old and it has been ever since when both of these rides closed in 2008 but i haven't got to ride the Laser because i was not at the height requirements but i wish they kept them there.
Nice albums SimFox and RVNX
Here is some screenshots of my Switchback that i made in my test park
Does anyone know the port number to start a server
The severs that i try to go into the game says that i am disconnected
from the server
May I please be in the Advanced server
... or jump to: 2018, 2017
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