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BrotherShadow I see you recently visited here. Do you still play MP on any servers?

Who else here is going to be in 150 mph wind? I know I am!

Ok, so in order to switch servers, do I have to just build something decent and then you guys decide on if its good enough for me to advance? Or is it kind of like sending you guys a portfolio of the work I've done and you decide if its good. I read the other server's rules and i didn't really understand how to get upgraded. Thanks!

P.S- I'm not saying I want to switch teams yet, I am still learning the basics

  • The way it normally goes, you make yourself well know by proving yourself in server 0, when the admins there are comfortable with you your perms get upgraded. From there you can ask or they will ask you to join/upgrade to the advanced servers. Most players are just not that serious and are fine to play on server 0. Building skills get you very far here. Welcome aboard and thanks for the chat room sounds you sent.
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