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Beautiful cover! Glad to see you visited. Hope all is well friend.
    • I am really happy to see you're still hosting, sir! I'm indeed well, and hope you are too! Love the new site btw <3

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      • thank you  for the compliment on the website look I have upgraded to a new commercial server which should be faster and added this new messenger system. I don't know if you've seen that yet but it works exactly like Facebook messenger, also includes video chat rooms or you can get together and chat or video chat or what-have-you I'm glad to hear you're well take care of Buddy

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        • and I now have push notifications that people can click on to get their notifications themselves like on their personal page, like most websites so whenever you make a poste you did I get an immediate notification on my mobile home or whatever I'm on so that had it a lot of help getting two people quicker

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        Reposted imlegos's discussion.
        First off, self promotion!!! Secondly, PM told me to post this. For now, I'll just leave a link to the original ORCT2Forum post. imlegos terrain block set I'll add most the stuff from the OP later.
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        A showcase of anything and everything I've built in a non-specific order. (Mostly decreasing in recency)
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        lol, I got you..
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