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We need to set some official ground rules to keep the Realism Server's name-sake alive.

With that said, here are a few rules the builders among you have suggested. If you wish to add any, or suggest changes to any, feel free to take it to the comments.

  • Builders who wish to build on the Server are required to prove their skills over on either of the other Servers first. When a staff member is available, they shall review your work on the said Servers and decide on clearance accordingly. 


  • All rides are required to be given a proper name at the time of creation, along with a name tag of the player that made it. Flat rides not exempt. (Example: "Grand Carousel [Ziscor_alt]"). Any rides found violating the rule shall be removed after a 24 hr period, and a private message sent to the respective builder, if he/she are identified inspite of the absence of a name tag. If said builder can't be found, no messages, of course. 


  • All rides need to be built with the thought to allow more players to further build after you. As such, do not 'dead-end' any path; always allow possibilities to extend paths ahead. 


  • Do not encroach on other player's areas and things they are currently working on without their consent. If you need to keep a section of the park reserved for you, you have the right to do so for a maximum of 24 hrs. Areas unreasonably huge in size will be cut down immediately.


  • All rides are required to be decorated with reasonable amount of scenery. Flat rides exempt on certain cases. This means any stations left without building objects surrounding it to some degree will not be accepted. Violation of this rule results in a removal of the respective ride within a 48 hr period.


  • Each builder starts out with a strict coaster building limit of 3-per-map. As the map gets more polished, the limit might be accordingly adjusted to reflect a more "real" park.


  • Under the presence of 4 or more unique builders, among them at least one Moderator, voting can be called out over any ride and it's presence in the park. The majority vote calls the shot on: whether the rides stays as it is, needs to be relocated, requires improvements or removed entirely. The original builder's presence is not necessary, though if they are present, they shall not vote. In the case they aren't present, they will be notified via private message over the outcome of the vote. Hence, build carefully.



For now, that'll be all. Again: if you have any suggestions, please voice them down in the comments.