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Park Suggestions

Please post your park suggestions to this forum topic.

You can also upload your game saves, scenarios to share here for others.

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  • Hey guys and girls! I'm BlazingEmpireHD. Some of you may know me from OpenRCT2 and RCTgo. I am a scenario maker and coaster designer. I've been floating around Man Of Teal for a good while. Now that I am here, I've come with a proposition. 

    Some of you may know about my heaps and heaps and heaps of scenarios on RCTgo, and I've been considered some 'god of RCT2 scenario making' and while I don't agree with that, I'm asking to be able to make all of you maps for S1, S2 and the realistic server. 

    The reason I am posting here is to get some feedback on whether you would like me to make maps, or rather stick to the old templates. Up to you.


    Excited to meet you all!

    • If anything, An example picture would be necessary so we can get an idea on what you can do with the scenario editor alone.

      • I wanna help! Could you post some picture's of some of the maps you made? I like to see gods work:P


        • Lucky for all of you, I have tons of scenario screenshots I've made that I could go through to show you what is in store.

          If you still are not sold, look up my profile on RCTgo. I've got a significant amount of scenarios over there. (54) http://forums.rctgo.com/user-27797.html <<< Link to my profile over there.

          Now, you may be thinking that these are small, right? You would be correct. If I am making maps for Man of Teal, they won't be small. They'll be minimum 175x175. Not much less than that if any. I hope I can get you all on board. ;) 

          • I assume you test your scenario objectives before you upload them to rctgo.

            • Actually, I do not. However, I do end up playing my own scenarios. If I make maps for Man of Teal, I'll either have the map set to no objective (have fun) or have a certain preset. Depends on what you all want.

              • I'm looking forward to some new maps!


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