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Hee guys,

I know I haven't been active on the severs lately. But in the meantime I did worked on some different styles of scenery. None of it is finished but this wasn't the intension anyway.

Please let me know which theme you like most. And I'll try to expand the work on the styles that get the most feedback.

So I love to hear what I can improve on these builds.

Thank you!

I've made something similar a couple of years ago but unfortunately I deleted the save file on accident. So years later I decided to redo the project.

There are three rides going through each other that share the same theme (Old worn out warehouses). It took quite a while to finish it. I'm very pleased with the result though. 

Hope you guys like it.



There are some nice feature's in this park. It has a great entrance (hard to see but is pretty nice). 3 buildings that are mostly transport rides. It's a big map I like the idea that a guest can be at the back of the map within a couple of minutes. There's a harbor (the grey part) there's also a powerdam (left of the map) it has a foundation for a railway through the mountian. A lighthouse in the middle. And more...

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