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Denied from seeing posts

The "posts" tab says access denied. Anyone else have this issue?

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  • Thanks for reporting this. The website was upgraded recently and you may have been accessing it during these processes. Today it has be finalized.

    As you navigate the site please inform me of anymore errors!

    • I am now also having these exact problems. I can access the rest of the site just fine, 'Albums', 'MoT Chat', 'Forums', not a problem. But the moment I try to open the 'Posts' page, I get the blunt "access denied" message. 

      Now I'm not expert in computer programming or related subjects but I noticed after removing all my cookies, I I reentered my log in information to the site and I could view the 'Posts' but it is strictly a one time event. After refreshing the page or moving to another area of the site, trying to return to 'Posts' results in the "access denied" message again. 

      I don't know if you already have a fix for this but I hope this additional information helps solve the mystery if it's not already solved.

      • Strange, can you access this page direct? https://manofteal.com/page/posts-home

        No one else has reported something like this. I'll have to create a test account and see what happens. 

        Sorry for the delay.

        • I've submitted this to the developers.

          • No I can't get to it from that link either, same result. 

            • Have you tried different browsers?

              • My priority internet browser is Chrome, but I just tried Firefox and IE (Heaven help me) ad it' the same result there as well :/ 

                It's a quandary to be sure.

                • OK, sorry your having this issue.

                  • It still says access denied every time I log into this site

                    • This issue has been resolved it was a membership setting for Man of Teal trusted members.

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