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My biggest park (no mods)

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  • · hytacker
Took me months


I like to make mini-parks, i.e, small, self-contained themed areas, usually with one big coaster, maybe one or two smaller coasters, 1-3 other rides, and a food court. This is what I have completed so far.
Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 1.29.23 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-24 at 1.29.33 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.41.04 PM.png

Server 0 Coasters

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  • · Corrao
Rollercoasters I've built on server 0.
Mount Firo.jpgPeanutbutter & jelly.jpgTails.jpgSitophobia.jpg


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  • · d5rkm0nk
woodencoastersteel free standing coasterwooden coaster themed 1wooden coaster themed 2

Standard Maps

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  • · Deny_8
A few standard maps I turned into something pretty.
Dusty Greens 01.pngPleasure Pier 01.pngDusty Greens 02.png

Simple Realism Beach Hotel W/ Golf Course

a simple build i made on the FREEDOM SERVER, I will be working on a bigger project later on called the Ski Resort Lodge, this will have a alpine theme to it as to an Indoor Pool and in background will be a ski trail, i will use bobsleds to mimic the ski trail effect and use some type of fence colored orange for mesh fencing. it wont be best but the it will be complicated, i would rate this build an Intermediate build, i rate my builds as Simple, Intermediate, Complex.
InteriorFull ExteriorGolf CourseInteriorInterior

Scenario Pack Mk.2

After a long while, Scenario Pack 2 has released, but, in 3 parts.  Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Notice: Two scenarios are not included in the three packs equaling to 23. You can get them.... here:   Enjoy!
Amethyst Heights 2017-03-28 15-36-43.pngFloraland 2017-03-28 15-29-20.pngEverdale Peaks 2017-03-28 15-36-07.pngJalapatin Plains 2017-03-28 15-31-10.pngHeigel Highlands 2017-03-28 15-29-37.pngJapolandia 2017-03-28 15-36-25.pngKagadil Farm 2017-03-28 15-30-40.pngKrystalite Caverns 2017-03-28 15-27-24.pngPrickly Point 2017-03-28 15-28-53.pngSindaccio Falls 2017-03-28 15-30-24.pngTropico Bay 2017-03-28 15-37-29.png
Updated Albums

Jackpot : Triple 7

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  • · C0de
You must be feeling lucky. This is Jackpot, a 5,850 foot long Twister Roller Coaster. To start you will get pulled up at eight mph to the height of 155 ft, then dropped 137 ft reaching a max speed of 69 mph. Riding in the triple 7 trains, you will experience a very high excitement of 8.29 and the intensity of 8.25. While coasting along you will experience 3 inversions and 14 drops.Two inversions being in the "snug" Cobra Roll. After 2 minutes and eight seconds of luck, You will coast into the brakes and then the station.   This is my second project posted to this great community of builders. Feel free to give feedback on this new addition. Maybe you might be able to spot part of the Basher B
Layout and TerrainBefore StationFull StationJackpot!

Some more from the Server0 Lake Map

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  • · Cake
Horse Ride in the middle of the lakeOrange Slide and Purple MouseAeroplane Coaster with underwater queue

Buzzard : The Desert Flyer

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  • · C0de
Climb aboard the making of the king of the desert. The Buzzard is a B&M wing coaster with the max speed of 65 MPH and a solid 1 minute 48 second duration. Excitement is rated at a whopping 9.37 while the intensity sits at a 9.21. This is my first project posted here. Feel free to critique my build to help improve my builds to come. Especially any admins or builders looking to add a builder to the realistic parks. 
LayoutBasic Station and Color SchemeFinished Product

Buildings From Server0 Forest Lake Map

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  • · Cake
Buildings From Server0 Forest Lake Map

The Leopard Strikes

Lunaland 2017-08-28 22-15-35.pngLunaland 2017-08-28 22-15-58.pngLunaland 2017-08-28 22-15-49.pngLunaland 2017-08-28 22-15-45.pngLunaland 2017-08-28 22-15-30.png

Candy Crusher

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  • · Don_Leo
this is my newest coaster in candy theming, also i built a bridge to connect to the other players area
Man of Teal National Park 2017-08-25 01-28-51.pngMan of Teal National Park 2017-08-25 00-58-45.pngMan of Teal National Park 2017-08-25 00-58-24.png

blue oak

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  • · calx
the greatest ncso park ever made
Blue Oak 2017-07-23 17-24-32.pngBlue Oak 2017-07-28 21-57-55.pngBlue Oak 2017-07-28 00-17-39.pngBlue Oak 2017-07-23 15-14-17.pngBlue Oak 2017-07-23 22-05-31.png1102.png

coors park

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  • · calx
almost-done-with park
Coors Park 2017-08-02 19-43-52.pngCoors Park 2017-08-01 18-29-43.pngCoors Park 2017-07-30 21-06-07.pngCoors Park 2017-07-29 16-45-17.png

My Latest Work

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  • · Don_Leo
this is my latest work on server 0. i asked to build a little entrance building since the real entrance gate is invisible and made a cluster of coasters in the corner of the map. let me know what you think
MOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-18-23.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-18-11.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-59.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-51.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-39.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-37.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-35.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-15.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-16-34.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-16-26.png

My latest work

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  • · Don_Leo
This is what i've been working on this week on server 0. I asked if i could build an entrance building since the real entrance is invisible and made a cluster of coasters in a corner. let me know what you think
MOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-18-23.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-18-11.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-59.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-51.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-39.pngMOT Simple Blank Map 2017-08-10 21-17-37.png

Quick out and back Woodie

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  • · Shningka
I wanted to practice my out and back wooden coaster designs. I made this coaster in about an hour and a half including scenery.
Sandbox 2017-08-10 00-29-00.pngSandbox 2017-08-10 00-29-13.png

Japanese Contest autobus22 Plot View

Japanese Contest autobus22 Plot Views #JapaneseContest
AutoBus22 Plot View 2.pngAutoBus22 Plot View 3.pngAutoBus22 Plot View 4.pngAutoBus22 Plot View 1.png
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Angle of "Dreambender".
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