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Hello,I am GT-Raptor. I've been playing RCT since 2003 and in 2005 I got into RCT2. Those two games are my all-time favorite .
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Hey GT-Raptor , I see you're trying to get back on Server 0.

I removed your old keys from the user file. I'll be on and off most of today.

If you can't catch me, can you just sit on the server and I will keep checking and then set your perms back. 



So, my laptop died a few weeks ago, turned out the motherboard was wrecked, so I had it replaced, which means that when I log into the server I'm displayed as GT-Raptor . I would like to ask a staff member if they can fix this for me so I can get my rights back.

Thank you :)
Why did I lost my rights?
  • There was a user perm error. They will be corrected when your online next.
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    A collection of my best builds so far.

    So I came to server this morning and saw this:
    • Yes, that problem was taken care of.
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      Did't mean to run you off the server :(
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