Jackpot : Triple 7

You must be feeling lucky. This is Jackpot, a 5,850 foot long Twister Roller Coaster. To start you will get pulled up at eight mph to the height of 155 ft, then dropped 137 ft reaching a max speed of 69 mph. Riding in the triple 7 trains, you will experience a very high excitement of 8.29 and the intensity of 8.25. While coasting along you will experience 3 inversions and 14 drops.Two inversions being in the "snug" Cobra Roll. After 2 minutes and eight seconds of luck, You will coast into the brakes and then the station.


This is my second project posted to this great community of builders. Feel free to give feedback on this new addition. Maybe you might be able to spot part of the Basher B'walk ,coming at a later date. 

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