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Jackpot : Triple 7

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You must be feeling lucky. This is Jackpot, a 5,850 foot long Twister Roller Coaster. To start you will get pulled up at eight mph to the height of 155 ft, then dropped 137 ft reaching a max speed of 69 mph. Riding in the triple 7 trains, you will experience a very high excitement of 8.29 and the intensity of 8.25. While coasting along you will experience 3 inversions and 14 drops.Two inversions being in the "snug" Cobra Roll. After 2 minutes and eight seconds of luck, You will coast into the brakes and then the station.   This is my second project posted to this great community of builders. Feel free to give feedback on this new addition. Maybe you might be able to spot part of the Basher B
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My best builds

A collection of my best builds so far.
M.O.T CG 2017-04-26 02-08-32.pngLunaland 2017-06-29 10-58-43.pngLunaland 2017-06-29 10-59-42.pngLunaland 2017-06-29 10-59-51.pngLunaland 2017-06-29 11-00-08.pngLunaland 2017-06-29 10-59-13.pngMoT Plotpark 2017-06-26 23-30-07.pngMoT Plotpark 2017-06-26 23-30-37.pngMoT Plotpark 2017-06-26 23-30-54.pngMoT Plotpark 2017-06-26 23-31-09.pngMoT Plotpark 2017-06-26 23-31-18.png
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1600/1800 dutch artistyle
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Airport Parking Lot
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Christmas Contest 2016-12-09 00-08-58.png
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Water Coaster.png
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Schermafdruk 2016-11-28 21.39.25.png
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Schermafdruk 2016-11-19 11.20.44.png
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Caution II 1.jpg
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Annual Man Of Teal Holiday Themed Contest

Please review each contestants park screenshot. If you'd like, the server will be up but paused for a more detail look. Once you have made your decision please head to this page, Annual Man Of Teal Christmas Contest and cast your "star" for the best one and so on. Once the voting has been going a few days I will post the results with the winners.    

Japanese Contest Shningka Plot Views

Japanese Contest Shningka Plot Views #JapaneseContest
Shningka Plot View 1.pngShningka Plot View 2.pngShningka Plot View 4.pngShningka Plot View 3.png

Japanese Contest RVNX Plot Views

Japanese Contest RVNX Plot Views #JapaneseContest
RVNZ Plot View 1.pngRVNZ Plot View 2.pngRVNZ Plot View 3.pngRVNZ Plot View 4.png

Japanese Contest Jovi Light Star Plot Views

Japanese Contest Jovi Light Star Plot Views #JapaneseContest
Jovi Light Star Plot View 2.pngJovi Light Star Plot View 3.pngJovi Light Star Plot View 4.pngJovi Light Star Plot View 1.png

Japanese Contest Johnny Ether Plot Views

Japanese Contest Johnny Ether Plot Views #JapaneseContest
Johnny Ether Plot View 1.pngJohnny Ether Plot View 3.pngJohnny Ether Plot View 4.pngJohnny Ether Plot View 2.png

Japanese Contest Don Oello Plot Views

Japanese Contest Don Oello Plot Views #JapaneseContest
Don Oello Plot View 1.pngDon Oello Plot View 2.pngDon Oello Plot View 3.pngDon Oello Plot View 4.png

Japanese Contest autobus22 Plot View

Japanese Contest autobus22 Plot Views #JapaneseContest
AutoBus22 Plot View 2.pngAutoBus22 Plot View 3.pngAutoBus22 Plot View 4.pngAutoBus22 Plot View 1.png