[Idea] Contests?

How this works is we have a scenario on which we build a certain coaster or a certain theme

Winners will be determined by design aspects such as statistics, color scheme and layout as well as element usage and scenery layout and name.

For example, for a ride-specific contest.

Ride: Floorless Coaster

and another example for a theme-specific contest.

Theme: Egyptian.


-Use a name for your coaster

-Use the objects provided 

-The best you can

-(optional) Save the track design!

-Be Supportive!



- Use rude names for coaster, E.G Derogatory, bigotry, racism, or just flat out being plain rude.

- Delete other peoples designs

- Make realistic/pseudo realistic coasters, keep that for the Realism server. (Sorry but putting realistic coasters in contests, that would have others at a disadvantage.)

-Be Salty! 

-complain about stuff



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  • I agree, you would have to get it all together. Make the do's and don't of the .
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    • I would love to do this!
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      • count me in!
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        • I'm not sure I don't agree with banning realistic builds. Building realistically is a skill in the same way that making good-looking scenery is a skill. If we are supposed to be judging this by skill (it IS a contest, of course) then why would we ban certain skillsets? A coaster that is made for realism shouldn't have any bigger advantage than a coaster with good-looking scenery.
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          • Some coasters on a realistic scale take up more than half or a quarter of a map as a whole.
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