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Final post!

Here are a few coasters I made in the RCT&F server back when I was just getting around to playing with custom scenery. I kinda, once again, threw stuff at the wall and saw what stuck, and that's how I got these two. The first's name I don't remember, but I was pretty proud of what it looked like as it combined industrial theming with more ornate architecture, coming out with something that shouldn't have worked, but did. The same can be said for Steelbeach, which featured a technically interlocked double loop. This was also a pretty big undertaking at the time, as I didn't exactly know what I was doing, but hey. It worked.

That's it! Thank's for reading.

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    Great work BTW. SyntheticFox_ 

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    Third Post!

    Here is a park section I did in Mozar's US I (still there in case you wanna look at it). This was one of my most complex builds involving layered scenery, as I really had no idea what I was doing for the first few attempts. I typically build the centerpiece coaster first, and then decorate around it, adding stuff that I thing looks cool later on. I kinda take the spaghetti, chuck it at the wall, and see what sticks. This one stuck. It was a large undertaking, but is something I am very proud of overall.

    Second Post in the series:

    Here are a few coasters I made on the FFA server for Mozar. In the first picture, you can see an RMC-esque Woodie, of which name I can't remember. This was me experimenting with large-scale wooden rollercoasters, and is something I'm quite proud of.

    In the 2nd picture, you can see an RMC Wooden named 'Rush'. The coaster was pretty simple, and the scenery wasn't very complex at all. The station was incomplete due to the fact that the server reset the night this picture was taken.

    In the 3rd picture, you can see a large steel coaster that fell under the same reset as the last. This is an experimental rollercoaster using the B&M Wing Coaster trains, usually involving a tall vertical lift, a half loop piece and a corkscrew before a gentle rise and a large drop. This leads to anywhere between 15 to 25 seconds of airtime, and can get stats up to 11.5 as I've experienced on the excitement scale. This one was named Heptoxide.

    Still more to come!

    Thought I'd post some of my work for people to see. Several posts will be done highlighting them. These aren't on man of Teal, but rather on other servers (Mozar's and RC&F). Hopefully these will be acceptable, eh?

    First off are these. This was in the most recent Mozar's EU Pro server. Note that these aren't done entirely due to the fact that we actually ran out of elements due to other rides and areas. Heheh, yeah. You can see a small park called Evergreen Gardens (sound familiar?), with the obvious major coaster and what would've been a university-like building. This was built using custom scenery pieces, and is something I'm very proud of. In the second picture, you can see a hotel resort on a beach, which would've been finished had not the element limit been reached.

    More to come here soon!

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