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  • There is a new #rule.

    We will be referring to them as "#redrides" as in the example screenshot below.


    These rides are not needed here, they are taking up space for normal rides. I'm not saying they need to be "realistic," we have a server for that, I saying any rides that would "KILL" a rider are no longer allowed here at Man Of Teal.

    No exceptions, any rides found will be removed immediately by an admin.
    If your caught making one you will be asked not to, only once.

    Our servers are not "free for all" servers.
    There are other servers that are open to the public and have no rules to say.

    Please feel free to comment below.
    • Yes! I think on behalf of realistic builders and or any builder who is rather serious, this is a very good rule to add. Said players *such as I* don't like really screwed up coasters that really have no purpose towards the park. However, in my opinion anything over 11.01 intensity is too much. Why? I feel that 11.01+ is about too hard to referendum or fix. However, 11.00 and under has the chance to be fixed, should the creator feel to tinker with it. 


      I'm glad this rule was added, so that builders who are just here to make sloppy rides, can no longer do that. Good one, Park!

      • I was thinking you wil showcase my ride I saw in the screenshot. :x

        It's a good new rule and I'll watch out for it (because its a rule duh). :D

        I'll go doube-check my ride later if there are respecting this rule. ;)

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