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Server 2 Additional Rules

Server 2 (Intermediate Server) will be more challenging with these additional rules (along with the previous rules) going in effect after the December Holiday Contest is over.

  • Rule 1: Chain Lifts on all track pieces will be forbidden.
  • Rule 2: No Helix-y coasters. You can use the helixes but don't go too crazy with them.
  • Rule 3: Guests will not ignore ride intensities and shall be set at regular preferred ride intensities of 'less than 3' and 'more than 4', etcetera.

Server 2 will be hosting Chris Sawyer's scenarios on and off; with default rides that he put in to the invention list along with some others to top it all off. Will have unique scenery items too at times.

Let me know how you like these new rules.

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Replies (3)
  • I approve this.

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    • I disagree with Rule 1.  I find it useful for Eurofighter coasters and in certain specialized situations.  I could see this being a problem for beginner players, but I would expect Intermediate level ones to be able to use it effectively and responsibly.  The other rules I completely understand.

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      • @IonZero0: I think you misunderstood it. I'm very certain the rule is about the cheat not being on all the time, since too many people tend to use it in cases when it is neither useful nor needed. We have a rank that gives you ability to go through cheats for a reason. It is far more efficient to allow experienced players to use cheats as they please (within reasonable bounds) but seeing which cheats need to be turned off by default, and thus less accessible to those who won't find good use from it. 

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