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How do I join a man of teal

I am not whitelisted so can't join the server. How can I get whitelisted

  • hi Tom Hoad!

    the realism server is whitelisted for verified realism members only to join, if you'd like to become a realism builder you have to present screenshots of your realism work on your profile :-)

    servers 1 and 2 are public, though!

    •  hi, when i try to join server 0, it says "disconnected" after i veryfied and downloaded the content :/ can u help me? i think i am whitelisted

      • Server have recently been "blocked" or whitelisted due to trolling.

        I will be lifting the blocks 12/21/2016. Please try to let me know when your wanting in if we have block on.

        • I see more and more people land on this page if you are wondering how to use Man Of Teal or sign up please see this page.

          About how to join.

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