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I'll be taking suggestions for the July map. If anyone has a full-size map with a 4th of July theme.

Please add them here to the site on your post as an attachment.

Thanks, everyone! 

RoyTheDragon Roby I know you guys have some maps maybe?


Greetings fellow builders, server 0 will be down for about an hour starting at 12 PM est for cleaning and upgrading OS. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

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    • Win 10 updated, computer hardware cleaned of dust, and RCT updated. The server is back online, and great work!

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    This is what's going on on server 0 today! Join us to play! Plenty of open space. This great entrance area was created by Roby Great job. Welcome our new builders today, AleFace and Gigazic .

    Check out Benedikts space currently on S0. Great looking area!


    Hey guys BasslandCEO  RoyTheDragon Jiaze and other builders, as you login into MOT you will notice a major layout of our homepage. I hope this change will allow you to see more content or activity. Feedback will be appreciated. 

    • Loving the new look!

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      • Thanks! 

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      Greetings fellow builders. New server map today!

      Reposted BasslandCEO's ad.

      Ask me anything related to this server and ill try to help, i will allow some off topics too.

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      Mitigating website server to a new server, expect outages today.

      I hope to have the site stable ASAP.

      Also, expect the game server to go out soon for it too is being moved to new hardware.

      • the server has been moved to a new hosting service. Please post any problems.

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        As you can tell we are having some server issues. Sorry!

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