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We have had a major server outage and had to restore to a very old backup, and the site still is having malfunctions and may go down completely if it cannot be fixed/recovered, 

Hey guys BasslandCEO  RoyTheDragon Jiaze and other builders, as you login into MOT you will notice a major layout of our homepage. I hope this change will allow you to see more content or activity. Feedback will be appreciated. 

Greetings fellow builders. New server map today!

Reposted BasslandCEO's ad.

Ask me anything related to this server and ill try to help, i will allow some off topics too.

Park Manager
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Mitigating website server to a new server, expect outages today.

I hope to have the site stable ASAP.

Also, expect the game server to go out soon for it too is being moved to new hardware.

  • the server has been moved to a new hosting service. Please post any problems.

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    As you can tell we are having some server issues. Sorry!

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      That's a beautiful ride Roby also to everyone else who has built something on this map! RoyTheDragon , Dracheron , NUBsupreme , bootymix96 , andy55699 great job! I will be changing that map soon.

      Can you believe it! is now four years old! 

      A lot has changed, builders have come and gone. Most started here young and now are old enough to have jobs. I suspect that is where most older members went. We still have some favorites around. These members can also help you if needed. Thanks RoyTheDragonRobyhjhjbootymix96  and many more!

      We also have a messenger section to allow for immediate responses. Check it out, works kinda like Facebook messenger.