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Some of the personal favorite coasters that I have created in the year and a half I've been on Man of Teal.

Pictures coming as soon as i can find a good snap of them.

The formatting of what i'm doing this is 

Name                       Style                                                              Date of creation (year and possibly month)

Dualist                    - Hyper Twister                                               (2017, Ind2) 

Magnum                 - Mack Mega (custom train)                           (June 2016, Server 0 (Formally Server 1))

Card Trick               - Virginia Reels (Red and Black)                   (October 2016 on Server 0 (formally Server 1))

Twisted Sisters       - Looping Roller coasters (Pink and Purple) (October 2016 on Server 0 (Formally Server 1))

Red Runner            - Vertical drop coaster (indoor)                     (October 2016, Server 0 (Formally Server 1))

Warp Drive MK-2    - Hyper Twister                                             (October 2016, Server 0 Same as above)

Molten                    - Looping roller coasters                               (2017, Ind2)

Pink Twist               - Twister Coaster                                          (2017, Ind2)

 Cork                      - Twister Coaster                                          (2017, Ind2)