[First Creation] Ice Bird - Flying Roller Coaster

My first creation in Server 0 of Man of Teal. This is a flying roller coaster built around a winter and icy scenery. I called it Ice Bird due to the passengers feeling that they are flying. #server0 #ManofTeal #Unique #Screenshots #Coasters
[First Creation] Ice Bird - Photo 1[First Creation] Ice Bird - Photo 2[First Creation] Ice Bird - Photo 3[First Creation] Ice Bird - Photo 4

(UPDATED) Elektronikcraft's Coaster Album + More! (Server 1) #greatmotpics

A collection of all the coasters that I feel are show worthy that I build on Server 1! This will be updated as I build more! #Server1 #Elektronikcraft #Coasters #Screenshots #Detail #Music #Song #Unique #ManofTeal #greatmotpics
The Battle Of Tera! Racing dual mobius loop coaster! Based on the free MMORPG TERANightwalker! Based on the story of a guy who walks the night in an abandoned Japanese town that sunk during a sinkhole.Katyusha! Based on the song "Katyusha - Composed by Matvey Blanter"The Trip To Wonderland! Based on the song "Trip To Wonderland - Electron"Moonlight Shadow! (Station) Based on the song "Moonlight Shadow - Groove Coverage's Remix"The Spirit Of Yesterday! Based on the song "The Spirit Of Yesterday - DJ Valium"Moonlight Shadow! (Overall Ride) Based on the song "Moonlight Shadow - Groove Coverage's Remix"Pinewood Skyrider! Not based on any song.Cydonian Sky! Based on the song "Cydonian Sky - Dubmood"The Sounds Of Dreams! Based on the song "Sound of My Dream - DJ Spash's Remix"Zeta Force (Overall Ride) Based on the song "Zeta Force - Zabutom"Zeta Force! (Station) Based on the song "Zeta Force - Zabutom"Xepher! (Overall Ride) Based on the song "Xepher - Tatsh"Xepher! (Station) Based on the song "Xepher - Tatsh"Zeta Force Level 2! (Updated Station) Based on the song "Zeta Force Level 2 - Zabutom"