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Scenario Pack Mk.1

Hey guys and gals! It's been awhile! A couple days ago, I released a scenario pack that has the first 25 of my ensemble of scenarios. I completely forgot to share them with you all, until now! 


This Download ^^^ Includes: 25 scenarios with varying difficulties

5 easy scenarios

14 challenging scenarios

6 hard scenarios


I certainly hope you enjoy these first 25 scenarios! If you want 26-49 and 51-56, you'll have to either PM me OR Download them off the link above (simply search for my same username, and you have 31 more scenarios to enjoy!)


As always, if you have ideas for future scenarios, questions, comments, anything really, don't tarry to ask me!


Thanks for the downloading!



Note: All screenshots showing most, if not all maps will be posted in a new album and will continue to arise as I add more screenies to it. Be sure to check that out! :)

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  • I've downloaded them and will be hosting some of them soon! Thanks for your hard work #BlazingEmpireHD

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    • Thanks #ParkManager! I did work very hard on all these! I hope you enjoy them!

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