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MoT Trusted and Cheats

It has become aware that since the MoT Trusted feature has been added, cheats are being turned on and not off; using cheats that show red warning boxes are NOT allowed.

When you enable them a warning popup states these cheats are unstable, from past experience these will cause servers to crash.

I'm allowing cheat usage for a while longer, if I still see ZC and other dangerous cheats enabled and players gone from the server I will be taking that privilege away.

  • I'll own up to using some unstable cheats, and for that I apologize, however I will vouch for myself being able to use them proficiently and not causing any crashes.

    • I think we, as the whole group of MoT Trusted's, are all responable for this. Its not just one. We never wanted to let the server crash and I didnt notice because I was offline for the whole day. But still it could be my fault. 

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