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Land of the Free - MoT Server July 2020

Welcome all to my little space on the big wide world of the server once again!Here's the latest batch of my attractions. 10 in total, names and placements are as follows:   Ballroom Waltz, a 'Merry-go-Round' located in the small building beside the skyscraper Ballroom Twist, a 'Twist' also located in the same building beside the skyscraper Going Up!, a 'Launced Freefall' sending guests shooting up the interior of the skyscraper. Lighthouse, a 'Spiral Slide' found cleverly disguised as... you guessed it, a Lighthouse! AntiquiTaken for a Ride, a 'Vintage Car Ride' sending guests on a gentle, scenic route through the olden days. Golfing Trip, a US themed 'Golf Course' complete with Western vist

Red Rock Canyon - Induction Server - 17/08/2019

Welcome all to Red Rock Canyon!Been a weeklong graft but it's finally open and ready to explored.9 attractions, names and placements are as follows:  Sidewinder, a 'Mine Train Coaster' that meanders back and forth between red mesa rock formations.  Old Coot's Cabin, a 'Crooked House' isolated away in one corner, just as he'd prefer to be.  Rodeo Roundup, a 'Rounded Up' situated in the middle of the Corral.  Bumper Car Barn, a 'Dodgems' hidden within the confines of the barn.  Wagon Wheel, a 'Ferris Wheel' just behind the town.  Totem, a 'Drop Tower' found deep in the Indian reserve.  Shootout Saloon, a 'Laser Tag' hidden withing the Saloon itself.  The Manor, a spooky old 'Haunted House' sat

Rome & Egypt - MoT Server 0 (23/02/18)

Way back when in early 2017, I built a small Ancient Rome themed area on one of MoT's servers. I decided to screenshot it due to the effort I put into my Circus Maximus-esque Go-Carts.  Since Server 0 reset to a grid format, I decided to bring this relic from the past back at build upon it. I started with the 'Circuit Maximus' (Clever pun name is clever!) and developed what I'm most proud of in this particular build, the Colosseum. This was the first time I extensively used the tile inspector after finally realising it's potential, so I'm very pleased with the result. After That I simply did what I do and grafted away at a Roman forum, and a Nile to separate the area before building a Great

Grafter's Grotto - MoT Server 1 (16/02/17)

I decided to experiment with the more wood based scenery items and see what I could muster up. I built the go carts "Carpentry Carts" track with scenery placement in mind and continued with the lumber theme throughout the rest of the rides I built after. Enclosing the Enterprise "Saw Mill"  to make it feel cozy, constructing a more mechanical drop down tower "Cogspyre" and carving out the side of the hill to place a staple of the majority of my parks, the Virginia Reel "Whirling Whittlers" loosly based on the one that operated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Before, of course, finally wrapping up (quite literally in this case) the area with my wooden coaster "The Great Forest. I'm most proud of