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Server access

This may be a stupid question, but, how do I get access on Server 0? I've looked on this website, and I've only seen how to join the realistic server.

Should I just go onto Server 0 and ask for access, or am I missing something here?

Any help is appreciated. Also, I'm a new member.

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    • (Or Server 1)

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      • You have to jump onto Server 0, or Server 1 and look for an Admin. 60Train is probably the most common one you will see. He will verify your account on this site, which given the post, you have already made one, and he will grant perms. Make sure you read the rules first if you haven't already. Server 0 and Server 1 have the same rules. Now sometimes they aren't always on or are AFK so you may need to check again later on if your message hasn't been responded to. 

        Good luck :)

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