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Old MoT Save doesn't work on modern versions

I tried to load a random auto-save from 4 years back and this was the result. One of the wooden coasters that appears at the bottom left corner is one of my own coasters.

Creators personal favorites

Some of the personal favorite coasters that I have created in the year and a half I've been on Man of Teal. Pictures coming as soon as i can find a good snap of them. The formatting of what i'm doing this is  Name                       Style                                                              Date of creation (year and possibly month) Dualist                    - Hyper Twister                                               (2017, Ind2)  Magnum                 - Mack Mega (custom train)                           (June 2016, Server 0 (Formally Server 1)) Card Trick               - Virginia Reels (Red and Black)                   (October 2016 on Server 0 (formally Server 1)) Twisted Si